Creepy House Sounds Sending Chills Down Your Spine?

October 24, 2022

Creepy House Sounds Sending Chills Down Your Spine?

Fall’s spooky season is well underway. With Halloween just around the corner, kids will soon be trick-or-treating, and homeowners will be busy decorating their porches with jack-o-lanterns and ghostly decorations. It’s all in good fun as we anticipate Halloween night.

But do you know what’s not fun? When those spooky sights and sounds slip like a ghost from outside to inside your cozy home. Yikes! Don’t let scary HVAC sounds and haunting smells give you a fright this season. Learn what these creepy signs mean so you can remain fright-free all year.

7 Common HVAC & Plumbing Frights

Is something spooky lurking in your HVAC or plumbing system? Don’t get tricked this Halloween season—read about our “treat” ments instead!

  1. Rattling Pipes
    Does is sound like a phantom is inside your pipes? Sometimes rattling pipes are the result of water pressure that is set too high. You can check your water pressure levels using a thread pressure gauge or call us for a total reset.

  2. Scary Discolored Water
    In most circumstances, minerals found in your water (such as iron or manganese) can cause discolored water. In other instances, rust or iron build up in your pipes can sometimes stain your fixtures or cause discolored water. Give A.J. Perri a call and we’ll sort things out for you!

  3. Whistling or Whooshing Sounds
    Uh oh. Are you haunted by what sounds like a poltergeist in your walls? Don’t run away in fear. Most likely your duct system is working overtime due to dirty or clogged filters. Check in with your filters and replace old ones with some fresh, new ones. We’re betting that ghostly whistling will disappear.

  4. The Haunted Faucet
    Do you hear water running when no one is using the shower or washing their hands? Yikes! Something must be haunted, right? Not exactly. The sound of running water could signify a water main issue. Try this: Turn the main water valve off to see if the sound disappears. If it does, you should call us. You’ve just uncovered what is probably a water leak.

  5. Rotten Smells
    Gross. No one likes when funny smells invade their favorite space. But strange odors in ductwork could mean many things including mold, mildew, animals, leaks in the ducts, or even building materials. If vacuuming the vents or changing your air filters doesn’t fix the issue, give us a call for a thorough check.

  6. Banging Sounds
    Is your home haunted by loud banging sounds? The culprit might be your water heater. Sometimes sediment buildup inside your tank can cause loud banging sounds. Solution? Call us for a professional water heater flush and put those frightening sounds to bed.

  7. Screeching Noises
    If your HVAC system sounds like a witch screeching at the top of her lungs, you could be having blower motor issues. If the belts are wearing thin, you’ll sometimes hear a screeching noise that hurts your ears! No worries, we can easily replace your belts before they snap.

It’s Time to Say Goodbye to Ghoulish Sounds

Don’t let odd, scary sounds invade your home this season. If you’re experiencing haunting problems inside your home’s walls, call A.J. Perri today at (732) 733-2548. We offer the best heating, cooling, and plumbing services in the New Jersey area—and we are here for you seven days a week. Happy Halloween!


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