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Cozy Tips for Falling in Love with Your Home

We’ve been experiencing some bitter temperatures and whipping winds the last few weeks in our New Jersey area. And all we can say is “Brrr!” We guess it’s Mother Nature’s way of reminding us that winter is in full swing. So, as we confront these chilly days and prepare for the deep freeze of February, we thought it’d be the perfect time to share tips on keeping your home cozy this Valentine’s season. 

So, what do you say? Ready to fall in love with your home this February? Here are five sweet ways to keep your valentine—and your home— snug and happy all month.

1. Purify your air

OK, we know it’s not chocolate, but fresh, clean air is certainly just as sweet. After all, Americans spend roughly 90 percent of their time indoors. So, who wouldn’t want the purest air possible? This is where the air scrubber comes in! Air scrubbers can help eliminate smoke smell, pollutants, dust, chemical odors, pollen, mold, and 99 percent of germs and viruses—so you’re always breathing in clean air. Wrap up a new air scrubber for your sweetie this month and watch them smile.

2. Show smaller rooms some love

Does your home lack any traditional ductwork? Perhaps you have an attic bedroom or work shed that lacks heating or cooling. No more! Show that room some love with the addition of a ductless split system. These little beauties are an energy-efficient way to heat and cool specific rooms while giving you total control over the temperature zone. Curious? Learn more here.

3. Upgrade your air filter

The better your air filter, the sweeter and cleaner your air will be. If you’re noticing extra dust in your home, or you’re feeling like your allergies are worsening, it could be time to upgrade that air filter. Remember, not all air filters are created equal. Some are more effective than others at catching allergens, dirt, and more. Call A.J. Perri to determine the perfect filter for your home.

4. Invest in a whole home humidifier

Cozying up to the fireplace with a glass of wine and your favorite movie is certainly romantic. But what’s not romantic is waking up with dry eyes, a sore throat, and dry nasal passages. Does this happen to you during the winter months? The cause could be super dry air inside your home. No worries! A whole-home humidifier can add the perfect amount of moisture to your home and boost your comfort while eliminating scratchy throats and dry eyes. Questions on the right system for your home? Let A.J. Perri guide you toward the perfect fit.

5. Consider a NEST thermostat

Is your significant other in search of something extra special for Valentine’s Day? Then give them a ring! Well, a NEST thermostat with a customized outer ring that is! NEST thermostats are superior energy savers. They learn your living patterns and adjust your temperatures, accordingly. Plus, they can be controlled from your smartphone, and yes, even come in a variety of rings for your preferred color and display. Check out the different types A.J. Perri offers.

Don’t Forget the Candy!

Whatever your plans for Valentine’s Day, we hope our cozy little tips helped put you in the right mood to celebrate. And while we fully support our suggestions for cozying up your home, we would like to clarify one thing: Chocolate. Chocolate is still always a great idea, too. So, don’t forget the box of heart-shaped chocolates when you’re wrapping up that new air filter!