Checklist for Buying Indoor Air Quality Equipment

September 30, 2011

Statistics show that most people spend more than half of their lives indoors. In recent years, as a result of efforts to make our homes more energy efficient, the impact of indoor air-quality has become more prevalent. As we tighten up our homes to prevent heat exchange, we also prevent air exchange and pollutants from being released from the home. These pollutants become trapped for long periods of time and contribute to poor indoor air quality.

There are several factors to consider when purchasing Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) equipment. In order to get the right product to fit your needs and lifestyle we’ve provided a helpful checklist:

  • Particle removal. Look for a unit that offers a high percentage of particle removal from the air, together with the capability of capturing small size particles.

  • Air volume capacity. Some air cleaners are designed to only clean a certain area of space (expressed in square feet), while other systems in combination with your heating/cooling system are designed to clean the air in the entire home.

  • Health issues. Is there a particular pollutant (cigarette smoke, mold spores, dust, etc.) that is affecting your health? Look for a unit that can best eliminate that substance.

  • Operating cost. In systems requiring filters, check the manufacturer’s replacement interval and filter cost.

  • Ease of use. Make sure that filter changing, operating, and cleaning are not too much of a challenge. Know what kind of regular maintenance is required.

  • Warranty. Be familiar with the warranty associated with the equipment and whether is covers internal components.

  • Standards. Is the equipment listed with an organization that requires standards for quality and safety?

  • Operating noise. Check out the operating noise values (expressed in decibels). Quieter units are about 35 decibels.

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