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A.J. Perri’s Stocking Stuffer Ideas for the Holiday Season!

Are you a last-minute holiday shopper? If so, you’re in good company. Even the HVAC and plumbing elves here at A.J. Perri tend to wait until the last minute when it comes to holiday shopping. After all, there are cookies to bake, fireplaces to decorate, lights to hang, and parties to attend. So, in the middle of all that holiday hustle and bustle, we sometimes forget that we need to shop, too. But don’t worry. We’re here to bring some holiday cheer to everyone—including all those procrastinators out there. If you’re still in need of gifts, here are five great stocking stuffer deals that will make everyone in your household feel merry and bright this holiday.

Five Great Stocking Stuffer Ideas for the Holidays

1. Google NEST

If you’ve ever considered a Nest thermostat for your home, now is the perfect time to get one—for FREE. That’s right! Simply become a PROS Club member and your home’s system will be protected 365 days a year by A.J. Perri. Even better, when you join our PROS maintenance plan club, you’ll get a FREE Google Nest with your purchase. These smart thermostats not only help you control indoor comfort from your smart phone, but they save you money year-round, too.

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2. Cozy Warmth

Questioning your heater’s efficiency lately? It’s time for a tune-up! Our experts are offering the gift of warmth this holiday with a $79 tune-up to keep your home warm and safe. Check out our offer below.

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3. A Fresh Drain

Don’t suffer through a hot shower this winter with a drain that backs up. Get a great deal on fresh draining cleaning and say goodbye to tough clogs for good. Call us for a great drain cleaning discount.

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4. Free Furnace & Nest Thermostat

Yeah, yeah, we know these won’t fit in a stocking, but if you’re considering buying Dad a new HVAC system this holiday, do it now and you’ll get a free furnace and Nest thermostat, too. Don’t forget, energy efficient standards will be changing in 2023, so there’s never a better time than now to purchase that new system.

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5. A New Water Heater

Again, this one won’t fit in your stocking, but you could put a note in Mom’s stocking telling her that you’ve ordered her a new water heater! Just think how happy she will be all season when she can enjoy a hot shower daily. Save $750 on this great deal.

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Happy Holidays from A.J. Perri

The entire team at A.J. would like to wish our wonderful customers a very happy holiday this season. While we hope you’ll take advantage of our current stocking stuffer deals, don’t forget we offer amazing discounts and specials all year long. Bookmark our coupons page and check back often for great deals. If you need to schedule an appointment, call us today at 732.733.2548.