6 Summer Safety Tips for Seniors

August 03, 2021


Summer is the perfect time to get outside and enjoy the sunshine while soaking up some vitamin D. While this can be appealing, there are some cautions all people, including seniors, should consider.

Seniors or those who have health problems are at high risk when it comes to battling New Jersey’s summer heatwaves. Our team at A.J. Perri wants to make sure everyone stays healthy and cool this summer during unpredictable weather. Check out these summer safety tips for seniors.

Stay hydrated

Making sure you drink plenty of fluids is one of the simplest things you can do to avoid heat exhaustion or heat stroke. First, you’ll want to make sure water is your preferred drink of choice. The best way to make sure you avoid dehydration is to carry a water bottle with you around your home and wherever you go when you leave your house.

Get some heat relief

Making sure your environment is cool is a sure way to avoid sudden dizziness that comes along with being in the heat too long. Keeping your home filled with cool air from your air conditioner is the perfect way to relax after a short time outside. You can rely on our team at A.J. Perri for A/C tune-ups, repairs, and installations.

Put your feet up

Unfortunately, some older adults experience swelling in their ankles and feet, also called heat edema. This could help keep some pressure off the area and go back to standard size.

Choose your outdoor times wisely

Usually, mid-day is the warmest of the day. If you must spend time outdoors – exercising, gardening, or some other activity – shoot for the early morning or evening hours. You’ll want to spend most of your mid-day time in a place with air conditioning like your home, library, or department store.

Keep your home as cool as possible

After the A.J. Perri team ensures your A/C is in top shape, you’ll want to do other things around your home to stay cool. Limiting the time you use your oven could assist in keeping your home cooler. Try to prepare meals that are easy and don’t require the oven. You’ll also want to keep your window shades closed to keep warm sunlight from creeping in and raising the temperature inside.

Dress for the weather

Avoid heavy fabrics and opt for cotton that is lightweight and breathable. Investing in sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat could also be helpful.

For all of your indoor cooling needs, be sure to give your friends at A.J Perri a call at (732) 733-2548. With over 50 years of experience, we’re the experts in home comfort, and we look forward to keeping your home comfortable this summer.


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