5 Things We Love About June—HVAC Edition!

June 03, 2024

Bring on the sunshine—June is here! Although, there’s more than just sunshine to make June such a popular month. We have Father’s Day, summer vacations, days at the pool, and family barbecues that make June such an enjoyable time of year. In fact, at A.J. Perri, we celebrate June for all the remarkable things it offers—especially for homeowners. And we’re hoping you will celebrate with us, too. 

Reasons Why Homeowners Should Love June

Homeowners have many reasons to rejoice this season. Here are five ways you can take advantage of all that June has to offer. 

1. Recognize National HVAC Tech Day

National HVAC Tech Day falls on June 22 each year. And naturally, it’s a day that is near and dear to our hearts! National HVAC Tech Day was founded in 2016 by our own ARS network! It’s a day to honor the professional men and women who tackle your HVAC needs when you call for AC maintenance, emergency AC repair, HVAC replacement, and more—day or night! These specially trained techs ensure that your cooling system is working properly in summer and your heating unit is up to par in winter. 

What can you do?

Wondering how you can celebrate this wonderful day? Easy! Tell your local HVAC Tech ‘thank you’ the next time you see them!

2. Celebrate Homeownership Month

National Homeownership Week was created in 1995 under the Clinton Administration to help increase home ownership across America. In 2002, that week’s observance was extended to a full month of recognition. It was designed to promote the benefits of homeownership and create opportunities for future homeowners. It is a way to remind Americans that homeownership is one step closer to the American Dream. 

What can you do?

To help promote home ownership in your area, you can educate local and new home buyers on the process. Another option is to organize a group to talk on the topic and invite realtors, bankers, or mortgage lenders to speak. To honor your own home, don’t forget to take care of it by scheduling your annual AC maintenance!

3. Gift Dad Comfort on Father’s Day

And who can forget Father’s Day? This year we celebrate Dad on Sunday, February 16. Still need a gift? There’s never been a better time to give Dad some annual HVAC maintenance. In fact, A.J. Perri offers a Pro Service Plan for as low as $15/month. You can Treat Dad this year with an annual plan, so his comfort is covered 365 times a year. After all, a regular maintenance checkup is a terrific way to help prevent unwanted emergency AC repairs!

What can you do?

Sign up Dad for the Pro Service Plan from AJ Perri.

4. Honor World Environment Day

On June 5 we celebrate World Environment Day (WED). As its name states, it is a day to honor our environment and preserve our natural surroundings. The first official WED was celebrated in Spokane, Washington, in 1974.

What can you do?

There are many things you can do to help preserve the environment! Things such as recycling regularly, planting a tree, carpooling, biking to work, and even purchasing energy efficient appliances will help improve the planet.

5. Take Care of Your Indoor Air

As much as we strive to reduce outdoor pollution, it’s our indoor air quality that is even more compromised. Did you know that according to the Environmental Protection Agency, your indoor air quality can be two to five times more polluted than outdoor air? That’s quite a vast number considering we spend around 90 percent of our time indoors. Fortunately, there are ways to help boost indoor air quality. Consider adding air purifiers, air cleaners, and even whole home purification and filtration systems to your home and you’ll help gain extra peace of mind when it comes to your health.

What can you do?

That’s easy! Call A.J. Perri today at 732.733.2541 or schedule service online to help decide what indoor air quality system might be best for your home. 

Happy June!

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Last Updated: June 03, 2024