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4 Easy Resolutions for you and your HVAC system

“New year, new me,” said every Facebookfriend. The grocery store is sold out of leafy greens, the gyms are full, andeveryone is struggling to keep up with their fitness goal by mid-February.Resolutions can be difficult and take time to become a habit. But what if therewere simple resolutions that also improved your quality of life?

Here are some easy goals that double as takingcare of your home and HVAC system.


Sealing drafty doors and cracked windows caninstantly make your home more energy efficient. With your windows and doorstightly sealed, your system can heat your home more effectively and save youmoney that was previously going out the window (literally).

Schedulepreventative maintenance

Being proactive with your system ensures thatit’s running smoothly all year long. You won’t be out in the cold when aproblem goes unchecked. A properly maintained furnace has many benefits: lowerutility bills, general comfort and reduced safety risks. Schedule online,anytime with just a few clicks on our website or give us a call at (732)733-2548to have a qualified HVAC technician check out your system.

Changeyour air filters regularly
Regularly changing your air filters is probably the easiest resolutionwith which to keep up. Date your filters when you install them withthe date you want to replace them. Mark your calendar as a reminder and feelthe triumph when you carry out this resolution the whole year.

Improveyour indoor air quality

Spending time indoors calls for quality air.If your family suffers from any allergies, resolve to make your home ascomfortable to live in as possible. Invest in an air purification systemthat works in conjunction with your HVAC system and elevates the quality of airin your home.

Contact A. J. Perri if you are resolving to improve your home thisyear. We resolve to help you reach your HVAC goals.