Your heating system becomes less efficient and reliable as it accumulates dust and dirt throughout the year – which costs you money in increased utility and repair bills.

After reviewing hundreds of repair calls, we discovered that over 50% of these calls could have been avoided with regular maintenance. So we developed a comprehensive 21-step tune-up that reduces expensive repairs and increases your system’s efficiency (saving you money).

A.J. Perri offers a 21-step precision tune-up.
Your A.J. Perri Technician will perform a complete 21-step precision tune-up and professional cleaning that should take about 1 hour to complete.

You’ll have peace of mind that if your system breaks down after your tune-up, we’ll refund the entire cost of the maintenance or credit it to any necessary repair. And if you don’t see a savings on your utility bill, or don’t feel that it was worth the money, we will give you a refund … NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

Heating Tuneups

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