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4 Ways to Prepare Your Air Conditioner for Spring!

Prep your A/C for Spring

Spring is on its way in New Jersey, and the hot summer is right behind. Is your cooling system (HVAC) ready for the changing weather? It’s always better to be prepared than to run into problems when you need your cooling the most. Below are five simple ways you can prepare your air conditioner for the new season ahead.

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Don’t Miss Out on End-of-Year Tax Credits

When you invest in ENERGY STAR®–rated HVAC equipment for your New Jersey home before the end of the year, you also may receive a tax credit. Give your family the gift of comfort this holiday season with the experts at A.J. Perri, and give your wallet a little gift, too!

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Legends of HVAC


As you escape the heat of August in the cool of air conditioning, do the legends of HVAC ever cross your mind? Before the invention of air conditioning and heating, human lives were limited by the fluctuations of the outside weather. People napped indoors or in the shade during the heat of an August afternoon.…

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