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Is “Peace of Mind” a gift worth giving?

During the holidays every year heating service companies experience a large number of “no heat” calls from panicked homeowners whose furnace has broken down when they’re expecting a house full of guests.  It happens every year, but it doesn’t have to.  We all have our to do lists around the holidays, everything from preparing meals, to making sure the house is in order.  Most of us realize the importance of having a furnace check-up on our list, but put it off for one reason or another.   Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to check that task off your list right now?  I bet if you asked one of those people who experienced this panicked situation last year they’d wish that they’d checked furnace tune-up off their list before the holidays.  Avoid being one of “those people”, call today to schedule maintenance on your furnace and give the gift of “peace of mind” to yourself or someone you love! 

Your heating and cooling system is the “heart” of your home.   It needs regular check-ups, just like your car.  If you stop all maintenance on your car it won’t run efficiently and eventually it will seize up and quit working altogether.  The same applies to your heating and cooling system.  Routine maintenance helps your system operate efficiently and effectively.

According to the EPA, as much as half of the energy used in your home goes to heating and cooling, so it makes sense to keep your equipment working as efficiently as possible.  Regular maintenance on your heating and cooling system can increase the efficiency of your system and have a large affect on your utility bills.  In fact, studies show that properly maintaining your heating and cooling system improves efficiency and can reduce energy bills by up to 35%!

We all expect our heating and cooling system to be able to deliver the temperature we want, to be comfortable in a variety of conditions, and to deliver it all day long – which is the case most of the time.  However, if your system is not maintained properly, it may be working too hard or inefficiently to effectively deliver the comfort of a consistent air temperature. 

Lastly, we all want our heating and cooling system to last as long as possible and be “age appropriate”, but without proper maintenance, performance will decline at a quicker rate as it ages.  According to Energy Star, your system will last several years longer with proper maintenance.  Routine maintenance not only increases the longevity of your system but it can also gage the “age appropriateness” of your system as well.   Your heating technician will be able to help you determine when the life cycle of your system is at an end (when repairs and maintenance costs escalate and become too expensive) and get it replaced before your system breaks down (like on Christmas Day when your home is full of guests!)

Having your heating and cooling system regularly maintained will pay for itself in lower repair costs, less aggravation and more efficient operation.  Remember, don’t become one of “those people”… someone who has to get a technician out to the house for an emergency call on Christmas morning in order to fix the problem and restore heat to the home before guests arrive!