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Why is My Home Warmer Upstairs than Downstairs?

It’s not unlikely for the upstairs in your home to be 10 degrees hotter than the downstairs. In fact, you’re probably experiencing that temperature change right now. Lets get down to the cause.

What causes this temperature change in your home?

• Inadequate air returns upstairs.
• A poorly installed duct system.
• A hot attic above your upstairs.
• Your thermostat.
• The air conditioner fan is closer to your downstairs, so it gets most of the airflow.

Common solutions to keep upstairs and downstairs temperatures the same:

• Insulate your attic.

• Purchase an attic fan. They’re designed to turn on when the temperature gets too high in the attic and it blows the hot air back outside.

• Depending on the size of your home, it may be a good idea to install two air conditioners and two thermostats. One for upstairs and one for downstairs. Typically, your thermostat, which is downstairs, senses the cool air then shuts off the air conditioner before the upstairs is cool.

• Install a zoning system. Zoning is simply the process of splitting your home into areas that have similar heating and cooling needs. Zoning your home lets you control the temperature of multiple areas in your home allowing your entire family to be comfortable no matter where they’re at in your home.

• Run your air conditioner fan all the time to pull cold air from downstairs to upstairs.

• Install ceiling fans.

To find the best solution for your home contact A.J.Perri, we’ll recommend options that will keep your home cool from top to bottom.