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Narrator:  ‘Twas the middle of the night, She awoke from a dream

Housewife:  What’s that sound

Narrator:  A water stream!

Housewife:  My toilet keeps running, I need it repaired

Narrator:  On the phone AJ Perri said

Service Tech: I don’t care…

Housewife:  EXCUSE ME??????

Service Tech: I don’t care about the hour, And I’m sorry for your trouble…All we care about, Is your satisfaction

Announcer:  Let AJ Perri take care of your plumbing nightmares… Finally get that sink fixed! Are you tired of spending your night listening to a drip, drip, drip coming from the sink? Or maybe it’s a toilet that won’t stop running. Give us a call and we’ll fix it fast, the first time; so you can enjoy a good night sleep. From leaks, to busted pipes, to clogs; turn to the expert plumbers at A.J. Perri.
Speaking of clogs, take advantage of AJ Perri’s expert Drain Clearing Special. For a limited time, we’ll clear any drain, any time for only ninety nine bucks! That’s over half off our regular price. Call at (800) 554-1827 or schedule online at AJ

Narrator:  And that my friend is why

Housewife:   I love those guys!