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What are some health benefits to using a whole-house humidifier in the winter?

Humidifiers work by adding moisture to the air. Humidifiers are most commonly used to help ease congestion without the use of medicine, but they also have these additional benefits: Soothing dry skin conditions Treating cold, flu and allergy symptoms Easing asthma Reducing static electricity in your home Preventing premature peeling of wallpaper Preventing cracks in…

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I have a clogged toilet, what should I do?

Using a plunger is the best way to try to unclog your toilet. Make sure to turn off the toilet’s water shut-off valve before using the plunger. This will prevent accidental flushes, which can lead to an overflow. Once you have the water turned off, you’re ready to unclog the toilet. The rubber end of…

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What do I do if my toilet overflows? – Step by Step Guide

It is not an uncommon plumbing problem…the toilet overflowing. When it happens, it always seems at the wrong time. Try these easy steps. First, locate your water shut off valve near the base of your toilet. Turn the valve until the water shuts off to prevent additional overflow. If your toilet does not have one,…

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What are furnace ratings?

Furnaces are rated by the Annual Fuel Utilization (AFUE) ratio, which is a percent of heat produced for every dollar of fuel consumed. Like the miles per gallon rating on your car, the higher the AFUE rating, the lower your fuel costs. All furnaces manufactured must meet at least 78 percent AFUE. AFUE tells you…

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What can I do to help the allergy and asthma sufferers in my home?

Suffering from allergies or asthma can have a negative effect on the quality of a person’s life. That is why this issue is another concern that our customers express when they call into our office. The dust & pollutants that are trapped in homes are troublesome for everyone but particularly for those who have allergies…

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How can I make my garbage disposal last longer?

Always use plenty of water when working the disposal.  It’s best to run cold water for a few seconds before turning on the disposal and always use cold water with greasy substances as this helps chop them up and prevent a clog from occurring. Never put hard items such as bones, corn husks or onion…

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