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What should I do if my air conditioner will not come on?

First, check your circuit breakers for a tripped switch. Note: Changing the thermostat quickly can cause a disruption. Allow 15 minutes for the compressor to automatically reset itself. Next, make sure the blower compartment door is closed. The unit will not come on if the door is open. Lastly, shrubbery around the outside unit can…

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How long should my air conditioning system run in a cycle?

There is no exact answer for how long your system should run during each cycle. The average air conditioner is sized to remove the heat from your home as fast as it comes in on a 100° day. Therefore, ideally, on a 100° day the system should be able to keep up with the incoming…

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What should I look for in a home comfort system?

It is best to evaluate what makes your home comfortable to determine what heating and air conditioning system is best for your home. Heating and cooling are the foundation for your system but you have a lot of flexibility to maintain comfortable temperature, air cleanliness and humidity levels. For many people temperature is a big…

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What are some common places that water leaks can occur in my home?

Knowing where to look for and what causes water damage can help you prevent serious damage to your home. A good understanding of invisible causes of water damage can provide you with not only great techniques to prevent this damage but will also help you save money and keep your home in good shape, preserving…

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What are some signs that might indicate I have a problem with my HVAC system?

While not always, you may notice an abnormal noise coming from the system, your heating or cooling system running non-stop, or warm air/cool air coming from the vents during the opposite season.   Abnormally high utility bills are also a common indicator. Problems can be caused by a number of different factors.  The most common include: Normal…

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