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Women in HVAC: Celebrating Women in Trades

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International Women’s Day is on March 8; it is a day to celebrate the achievement of women and raise awareness for gender equality. For our industry, the organization Women in HVACR helps foster a spirit of empowerment among women, allowing them to connect and grow in their careers.

Why should more women join trade industries?

There is a definitive need for more women to join trades, considering an expected growth of HVAC technicians of 13% by 2028, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The growth rate for all occupations is merely 5%.

There is also increasing interest in solar and wind energy, providing a positive outlook on positions for electricians as well.

Compensation can’t be looked over: Women working in skilled versus non-skilled fields earn 33% more, and they can begin their careers faster by gaining experience and education in less time – even as little as one year. To become HVAC certified, training can take six months to one year, then the individual can become an apprentice before being licensed upon completion of an exam.

Another industry organization, Women of HVAC suggests that women do well in HVAC technician roles for a few reasons, one of which is because they are adept communicators … especially when relaying important service information to their customers, who are primarily women.

Women on the Front Line at A.J. Perri

“A.J. Perri welcomes a great diversity of people,” says Debbie Kern, A.J. Perri Marketing Director, and while most of the company’s field personnel are male, their customer service department is heavily female – a role which is instrumental in creating positive first impressions and establishing customer expectations while immediately addressing client’s needs for priority scheduling.

She continues, “Every cog in the wheel is extremely important to achieving success here. From the second a call comes in, we are working to create a positive customer experience. The perception of A.J. Perri and our ability to set expectations and ultimately exceed them is really what drives the rest of the experience with that customer.”

If you have interest in a career in HVAC and you live in the New Jersey area, A.J. Perri is hiring! Learn more about our open positions and benefits of working for A.J. Perri.

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